www.vcmexams.comfor all information on grading exams for concertina.
annette kruisbrinkAnnette Kruisbrink, composer.
www.concertina.infoWebsite of Chris Timson with excellent concertina information.
www.concertina.netConcertina forum by Paul Schwartz.
www.concertina.nlPauline's Dutch website.
www.concertina.org.ukInternational Concertina Association
www.mally.comConcertina Maintenance Manual by Dave Elliott.
www.resilientfilms.comBernd Out, the filmmaker who filmed "Playing the concertina".
www.yorkshire-concertina-club.org.ukYorkshire concertina club
www.themovementofmusic.comKarin Greenhead, all about dynamic rehearsal and performance and Dalcroze Eurythmics.
www.thesagegateshead.orgAlistair Anderson, all about folkworks and studying the concertina at Newcastle University.
www.timcollins-concertina.comAnglo concertina player, see register
hazel leachInformation about Hazel Leach (composer a.o. Webworks for concertina) and her Big Band.
www.wheatstone.co.ukWheatstone: Steve Dickinson continues the work of the Wheatstone Concertina builders.
Ricardo TeruelComposer from Caracas, Venezuela